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    Our speciality is frozen beef meat & offals. Please check our range of products.
    From carcasses to feet, hearts to loins, trimmings to bellies... Our range of pork products is convenient for industry and wholesellers.
    Whole Chicken, Chicken Wings, Chicken Breasts. Check our range of chicken products.

    Our Mission


    Few Facts

    Our mission of business is simple and clear: provide the product you need when you need it!
    Since 2010, SEGEA strives to achieve the best service to its customer, whether they are overseas or not.  Our team is committing to:
    • Understand your needs and find the adequate products
    • Offer a full traceability all along the supply chain
    • Plan carefully the shipment to suit your expectations
    • Inform your operations all along the shipment process
     By achieving these four items, we are ensuring what’s important in our eyes: partnership, reliability, flexibility and commitment!
    Since 2010, we have started to focus on exporting frozen meat overseas. Today we have a steady volume of about 15 000 To exported per year. Our range of products ranges from beef to poultry, fish to vegetables, and pork.
    Today we export successfully frozen foods to:
    • West Africa: Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Guinea, Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo
    • North Africa: Algeria
    • Middle East: Armenia, Israël, Georgia
    • Russia
    • South East Asia: Hong-Kong, Viet-Nam
    Please contact us if you need more information!

    Our Products
    Central & West Africa, Russia, Middle & Far East   16 300 To, 650 Containers in 2015   94.43% Successful Deliveries
    We can deliver weherever you are   650 40'' Reefers Containers and a few trucks   We are committing to serve you with care

    Latest News & Announcements

    25 April 2016
    All our team is happy to announce that our IFS Broker certification is renewed; SEGEA achieved the score of 99.69 %, reaching the High Level.
    05 February 2016
    A few interesting statistics on 2015!
    OTIF, Customer Complaints, Volume...Find our Statistics !
    03 April 2015
    Through our brand new Web Portal, you can trace your shipments online
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