IFS Broker

Since January 2014, SEGEA has undertaken to be certified IFS Broker v2. IFS stand for “International Featured Standard” and aims to standardize the way supplier, traders and customers are working together.

This certification will help us undertaking a better management of our sales and shipment, ensuring a full traceability of the product is in place but as well that the right product is being shipped.

IFS Broker focus on 8 Key Requirements:
  • Commitment of the management
  • Risk Management (HACCP)
  • Product Specifications
  • Traceability System
  • Internal Audits
  • Product Analysis
  • Procedure for Withdrawal and Recall
  • Corrective Actions

In practice, what will change for our suppliers and customers?

Our suppliers will be approved once by providing:

  • General Questionnaire about their organization
  • Food Defense Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • Attestation HACCP is in place in their facility
  • Copies of Certifications held by the company
  • On a yearly basis an analysis has to be performed on the products SEGEA is purchasing
  • For each shipment, a detailed packing list with batch information per pallet (Production Dates, Shelf-Life, Batch Number, Net Weight, Gross Weight, Number of Packages and Origin).
  • For each shipment a checklist of verification of the container or truck to ensure good loading conditions.
For our customers, this certification will help us standardizing our loading procedure and ensuring that any product delivered can be fully trace backwards to the supplier batches provided. It will also ensure that all measures are in place to reduce the risk during transport.

However, even though risk is minimized SEGEA always insure the reefer containers from port of departure to port of arrival, in case anything happens. This obviously applies only when SEGEA provide the sea freight service.

Certification IFS Broker v2, SEGEA LTD


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